LED Spy Board


Tired of wiring every individual button to other lighting solutions and having a rats nest of cables?

Tired of editing and compiling Arduino code to edit your lighting?

Frustrated with the lack of stream overlay capability for your controller?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then the LED Spy board is the product for you. Finally after almost a year of development the LED Spy board is here as your one stop solution for Hit Boxes (coming soon) and Smash Boxes for input display and LED control.

Featuring configurable effects using the LED Spy Designer.

Smash Box
Controller built for Stickless | Nexiz using the Smash Box LED Spy Board. (controller not included with purchase)


  • Reactive Lighting
  • Breathing Effect
  • Individual colors per button
  • Multiple lighting profiles that can be bound to the profile switch positions, or cycled using hotkeys
  • Hotkey adjustable brightness

Hit Box LED Spy Exclusive Features:

  • Easy conversion to Brook UFB using the Hit Box LED Spy UFB Conversion Kit
  • Expansion Header which adds support for Touchpad, L3, R3 and 5 additional buttons, as Profile Switch connectivity
  • Jumper to toggle between external LED power or USB power Note: it is only recommended to run a maximum of 16 LED modules without external battery power
  • Eventual support for the Hit Box Cross|Up using a wiring kit
  • Fully Configurable

    Have a controller that isn't quite the same button count as a Hit Box or Smash Box?
    You can modify the order and number of lights in the chain in the designer software.


    DISCLAIMER: Luberry's Custom Controllers LLC is not responsible for any damage to your controller, or the LED Spy board due to improper installation.

    The installation guide for the Smash Box can be found here.

    The installation guide for the Hit Box can be found here.

    Please feel free to report any issues, or possible clarifications needed with the guide here.