LED Spy 2.0

LED Spy 2.0

$80.00 - $95.00

LED Spy 2 is here and better than ever!

Easier Installation

With the aid of our new, more detailed documentation, and range of accessories, LED Spy has become much easier to install, and requires less tools than ever.

Wider Range of Supported Controllers

Below is a list of supported controllers for LED Spy. You can find detailed documentation here.

Make your controller Shine

LED Spy as the name suggests, is a way to add some shine in the form of customizeable LED lighting to your controller, as an example, here is my personal controller below running the LED Spy 2 board.

Completely Reworked Designer

LED Spy Designer 2.X.X is a complete rework of the designer with a much more modern design.

Built In Input Display

The LED Spy Designer is now your one stop shop for both configuring the LED Spy Board, and displaying inputs for streams. The new system uses your led configuration and profile switch position to show a more accurate representation of your actual controller.

Multiple Layouts For both Bit Bang, and Generic controllers

Learn More

You can learn more on the LED Spy documentation site.
LED Spy Battery Bank Wiring Kit
$15.00 - $20.00
Smash Box Gen 2 Serial Breakout
20 Pin Brook/Generic Daughterboard for LED Spy
Hit Box Daughterboard for LED Spy
LED Spy Hub
Smash Box Battery Bank Hold Down
LCC 5050 RGB LED Module
$3.25 - $69.69
LED Spy Usb Wiring Kit
Sanwa LED Module Mounting Clip
$1.00 — Sold out
Hit Box LED Spy UFB Conversion Kit
$30.00 — Sold out
LED Spy Board
$80.00 — Sold out
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