Hit Box Daughterboard for LED Spy

Hit Box Daughterboard for LED Spy


This is the daughterboard to read inputs from the original Hit Box, and send them to the LED Spy 2.0 Board.

This kit includes everything you need to connect the LED Spy 2.0 pcb to the Hit Box.

Hit Box Main PCB not included

LED Spy 2.0
$80.00 - $95.00
LED Spy Battery Bank Wiring Kit
$15.00 - $20.00
Smash Box Gen 2 Serial Breakout
20 Pin Brook/Generic Daughterboard for LED Spy
LED Spy Hub
Smash Box Battery Bank Hold Down
LCC 5050 RGB LED Module
$3.25 - $69.69
LED Spy Usb Wiring Kit
Sanwa LED Module Mounting Clip
$1.00 — Sold out
Hit Box LED Spy UFB Conversion Kit
$30.00 — Sold out
LED Spy Board
$80.00 — Sold out
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